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#1 of 52 Books in 2014: Outer Dark by Cormac McCarthy

Monday, February 3, 2014 § 0

Okay, one book down.
First book of 2014 read. It only took me like a month and a half.

I blame life, but whatever, I have time.

The book is called Outer Dark by Cormac McCarthy. I actually started the book a couple months ago, but I only got about 30 pages in to before being distracted by something else.

So, I started this book over and read it.

I was told that this was a great "entry point" for McCarthy's work. That it was a good place to start, before going into his more popular works. When I finished this book all I could say was:

"Uhm, What?"

I wanted to wake my girlfriend up to say, "What the hell just happened"

Now, I consider myself a pretty intelligent reader. I pick up on themes and subtleties well. But, this one I was not prepared for. I guess this is one of those "enjoy the journey" sort of stories?

I don't know. I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not getting it.

Alas, I have 51 other books to read this year, and I'm already a little behind. So, no wasting time. On to the next.

Ok Fine: A New Years Resolution for 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 § 0

The past few years I have slowly become less of an "I'll start this on Monday, or the 1st, or at the beginning of the next lunar cycle" type of guy.

Slowly, yes, I have become the guy who starts stuff more immediately.

Well, it's still a lot of "I'll start tomorrow." But, I really do start the next day.

When everyone was talking about their resolutions for the new year, I just laughed. I was such an ACTION guy now. When I wanted to get in better shape, I just did it. I didn't wait for some new beginning crap.

When I decided to reign in my finances and restructure my budget, I didn't wait for the next paycheck.

I just did it.
(I'm really horrible at money stuff, so I shouldn't really be bragging about that one)

So, I was laughing my maniacal laugh from high atop my asshole pedestal of excellence.
(What do you call yours?)
I realized, there is nothing wrong with setting goals for the new year. Maybe I should put myself on the level of the little people, the common man, and take a walk in their shoes of not-quite-so-much-action.

Yes, I...have a New Years Resolution.

My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to read a book a week.
It's not for a prize or anything, but there still must be rules,

Rule 1) I can't have read the book in the 2013. I could have gone back farther, but maybe there's a book from 2012 I want to reread. I don't know one, but there might be. 52 books is a lot.

Rule 2) It must be over 150 pages. Again, this just seems like an arbitrary thing. Novella's are shorter than 150 pages right? Maybe not. Maybe 100. Either way, if I want to read something shorter, I will. Because, 52 books is a lot.

Rule 3) No Graphic Novels.  I love GN's, but that just wouldn't be fair. I could do that in a week or two.

I may change these sometime in the future, but for now, this is where it stands.

If you follow me on GoodReads, or Twitter you will be able to follow my progress a little closer, but I will try and update on here every time I finish a book. On twitter I'm thinking about using the hash-tag #52in52 or #52books.
Something like that.

Good Night & Good Luck.