V for Vendetta, Guy Fawkes and November 5th

Monday, November 5, 2012 § 1

Ugh, I hate being such a Buzz Killington, but alas:

I realize that much of the sentiment associated with Guy Fawkes Night is brought about by the modern movie V for Vendetta, where the protagonist, V, is the symbol of overthrowing a tyrannical authoritative government. However, in Alan Moore's graphic novel (that the movie was derived from), the Big Brother-like administration is supposed to represent any, and all, forms of government (especially Moore's view of the United States). Whereas V is trying to lead the people into a anarchistic revolution, which coincides with the authors political beliefs. Obviously, Hollywood changed the underlying message, because they didn't want to alienate mainstream America, and to make the film more accessable. Incidentally, this caused Moore to distance himself from the property.

The orignal "Gunpowder Plot" was to overthrow the protestant ruler, King James I, and replacing him with a Catholic leader. After Guy Fawkes was caught guarding the explosives underneath Parliament, and the conspiracy was stopped, the majority of England celebrated by igniting explosives, then later fireworks. They were celebrating the fact that their country continued to be Protestant run and not controlled by the Papacy, which they considered corrupt. Over time the anti-Catholic tone lessened.

So, in summary, I understand that V, and Guy Fawkes, and his image have come to represent people that aren't afraid of their government, but that is not their original intent. Yes, I realize I may sound like a pretentious ass, but I just want to make sure everyone has the facts... And apparently to ruin your fun.

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  • You are SUCH a buzzkill. No, actually, you are completely right, and I appreciate your time and research. I think that people are more afraid of our government now than ever, and that's a horrible thing. We're supposed to be this beacon of freedom, and yet we're one of the most paranoid countries on the planet. We don't trust those bastards in Washington, and for good reason. They've been selling us out for generations.

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