Sorry For The Confusion

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Comments Off

I see that I still have a couple subscribers left. A couple visitors, everyday.

That is appreciated. I stopped writing about the previous subjects because my blogging was becoming reactive, not proactive. I was writing about other people's writing. Other people's art. I had to wait for them to do something before I could do something. I got tired of relying on other's to create something, so that I could.

It wasn't the way I wanted to write.

Now I am restarting the blog, as it was intended to be. Me, writing for the sake of writing. I still enjoy writing about comic books, and Batman, and science, and general geekery. If you want to read about that, I would direct you to a blog I contribute to: If you stick around here, you will read me covering everything else.

So here is your warning.

Deadly Roundhouse - A Few Geeks Communicating

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